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Parenting Is Hard

Parenting Is Hard

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Parenting is amazingly rewarding- AND amazingly challenging. Often in the same hour!! Maybe even the same five minutes! And to make it even harder, there was no training program for this! With each kid, with each year, you’re learning new nuances about them and about how to navigate life.

But maybe you have a nagging feeling that this could somehow be easier. Maybe there’s a way that you could still raise your amazing little person, but you could retain some of your sanity in the process. Maybe you’re ready to expect more of yourself as a parent, and do better for your kid(s). 

Whether you’re looking for ways to celebrate your unique family, or trying to figure out how to help your kid be more mindful and less impulsive, you’ll find solutions here! 

I’m not here to push a certain philosophy on you; this is your life and you should be the one in the driver’s seat. What I can do is help put some of the puzzle pieces together, and point you in the right direction. My goal for you is to find less struggle and more joy in your parenting. After all, parenting is hard; let’s make it easier.